Taste of Slovenia

Gift of nature. Hand made in Slovenia.

About us

We are a family run company who offer traditional Slovenian products in a slightly different and innovative way. With the help of a team of experienced designers, we have designed a collection of attractive handmade ceramic bottles to bring you top quality products from Slovenian producers. Ceramic is a natural material that best preserves the taste and quality of food. Our products are exclusively of Slovenian origin and sold under our registered trade mark TASTE OF SLOVENIA. In addition to the tasty contents, our ceramic bottles are also decorative and useful kitchen items and make for a perfect gift.

Chocolate specialist

Taste of Slovenia Chocolates

We make chocolates with interesting combinations of flavors. We make milk chocolates and add a variety of additives. from classic ones such as almonds or carenberries , to more special ones such as salt flower or lavender.

We use top quality dark chocolate. It has been proven for a long time that dark chocolate has many positive effects because it contains a lot of antioxidants. Due to flavanols in it, it lowers blood pressure and facilitates sleep. A piece of chocolate a day also improves the functioning of your brain.

Oils for every taste

Olive and pumpkin oil

In the offer of Tastes of Slovenia you will also find oils produced in Slovenia. We offer you first-class extra virgin olive oil and homemade Prekmurje pumpkin seed oil.

However, if you like to experiment with flavors, we can offer you oils with additives such as truffle, chili oil or porcini mushroms. A great addition to enhance meat dishes, sauces, and salads.


Homemade pasta - Taste of Slovenia

The pasta is made according to a home recipe, and the finishing touches are provided by accessories that take your palates to a higher level. We add something to all our pasta that makes them special.

You can choose between pasta with chocolate flavor, with the addition of chili, with the taste of mushrooms, spinach and rosemary, and our specialty - pasta with refošk wine. With the right sauce, you get the ultimate pampering of your palates!

Spice salts

Spice salts - Taste of Slovenia

Salt strengthens and improves the taste of most dishes. Our spice salts take it to an even higher level. Add delicious additives to the salt from the Piran salt pans.

All salts are packed in small packaging suitable for a gift.In addition to the classic coarsely ground salt, we offer salt with herbs, barbecue mixture, salt with truffles...

Gift sets

Gift sets - Taste of Slovenia

If you are looking for a very special gift for your partners, then our gift sets are a great and delicious gift.

We have prepared delicious combinations of our products for you, and there are also special sets with other excellent products. They are packed in black gift packaging.